Projects In Progress

The Man Cave is Complete

The Man Cave project is complete and we are so pleased with the final result!


Beam me up Tim!

Check out this beam’s view of being lifted 126 feet in the air over top of our client’s house and set in place on top of the man cave.

Tim and other MPB crew used a 100 ton crane to lift and set the 30 foot long 2200 pound paralam beam perfectly in place.

Stay tuned for more progress on MPB’s 600 square foot man cave project!

Man Cave Progress

Sheathing is going quick. We will be moving on to finishing carpentry before you know it. More updates to come.


Man Cave Progress

Bring on the lumber! We are putting up walls. It’ll be a man-cave soon.


Man Cave Progress

It may not look very man-cave-like, but we’re working on it. The foundation is poured and you can see the general footprint of the cave. Stay tuned for more updates…


“Man Cave” takes shape!

“Man cave” has become a popular phrase recently and MPB has one under construction.

We will be posting pictures of this project as it progresses to completion.