Step by Step

A MPB Renvovation Step by Step

The MPB Renovation Process:

  1. The first step is a visit to your home to discuss your ideas and plans.
  2. We will give you an estimate for the scope of work or prepare a written quotation clearly spelling out our scope of work and price, in many cases, a “fixed” price for the project.
  3. If we are in agreement, we enter into a contract that details the scope of work, the time frame for start and finish and the payment schedule.
  4. Then we start the ball rolling with steps that include design work, obtaining permits, ordering materials, building cabinetry, assisting you in the selection process and coordinating all suppliers and sub contractors required to complete the project.
  5. We arrive on site to manage the project with one of our site supervisors who will co-ordinate every step of the renovation.
  6. Upon completion, we review the finished work to determine that every single and smallest detail has been completed to our high standards.
  7. Upon final payment, we issue our two-year warranty.
  8. Once you settle back into to your new living space, you can be assured that MPB, a “Renomark” certified renovator, will provide a two-year warranty to cover any issues or adjustments required.