It's easy to sit back and accept all the credit but we know that we're only as good as the trades who work with us.  

The real heros are the men and women who consider going above and beyond their baseline not an exception. Our trades have high standards and that's why we trust them with our client's projects.



Client Relations

MPB Construction would not be possible without our loyal and growing client base.  We are grateful for every relationship we form with our customers and endeavour to cultivate a spirit of integrity, transparency and friendship.

We are always amazed at the great ideas our clients imagine for their spaces and we take the time to consider them all when creating unique design solutions. Communicating with our clients helps us understand exactly how a space will be used, and how to represent their personal style.  However our clients choose to enhance their space we are here to make it happen. 

Budgets and timeframes are the foremost concern for anyone contemplating a renovation. MPB Construction will work with our clients to address budgetary and scheduling concerns in our initial consultation.  We can determine the feasibility of the project and suggest alternatives without sacrificing what’s important.

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Sourcing Materials

With all the building materials available it can be a big job to go through, assess quality, and get competitive pricing.  MPB Construction does the work for you.  We have decades of experience navigating the world of building materials and we always find the right look and quality at the best price. 

Materials required for residential and commercial projects are often different.  Each industry has their own standards of safety and durability.  We sift through endless options, colour pallets, and samples offering our clients exclusive recommendations to choose from.   Clients often wish to do their own research and add some personal touches to their remodel and we encourage our customers to participate in this way (subject to the quality of the materials and whether or not the materials have already been purchased).



Trade Relationships

Mutual respect creates a dynamic of trust and urgency; we can ensure quality materials, workmanship, and flexibility from our trades because we admire and appreciate the subcontractors with whom we work. 

Having excellent trade relationships allows us to pass on many benefits on to our clients. 

There are specializations within every trade which is why we choose project specific subcontractors. Each job requires a unique team to achieve the end product.  We know what each trade does best and we use that information to partner them with the right project. This guarantees that our client's interests are considered and they receive the best value.

This is excellent for our clients as it translates into adherence to construction schedules and results that exceed expectations.